Type Mismatch - Variabili, errori e progettazione grafica
SUPSI, Thesis project - 28.01.2019

Coding is not just a technology, nor a computer scientist's instrument, but it can be a way of figuring out things and living our own creativity. It is from the world of ideas that the contents of the real world are formed.

My thesis project is focused at a first time on the fundamental historical events that brought to the coding as an instrument of development and production, and secondly as a mean of espression.

In this reflection fits my thesis project: Type Mismatch doesn't have the intention to reach an absolute and definitive result, but rather, it wants to show new ways and possible tools to create visual communication artifacts. This path want to show an alternative design methodology to the traditional one and to provide to the visual communicators, through the sharing of research and above all of the code, a set of practical and theoretical ideas.

Supervisor: Andreas Gysin

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